About the people with disabilities

More than a billion people are estimated to live with some form of disability. The number of people with disabilities is annually growing. There is a higher risk of disability in older age-groups as societies are aging at a rapid pace. There is also a global increase in chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and mental disorders, which all significantly influence the nature and prevalence of any resulting disability. Patterns of disability in a particular country are influenced by trends in health conditions, environmental and other factors. The condition of people living disabilities, meaning educational opportunities, presence on the labour market, social acceptance, and political activity, has changed substantially following the turn of the millennium. This can be attributed in part to the appearance and adoption of European currents in Hungary, but also to the wider and more pronounced social integration of the disabled, as well as to Hungarian and international legal regulations and diverse policy initiatives in this area. The latter entails initiatives in education, the labour market, civil society; additionally, the role of individuals, groups, as well as state/public initiatives aiming for the realization disability rights and goals should not be discounted either.

Keywords: disabilities, advantages, social integration, dividedness

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