Results and Tendencies in the International Studies in Women’s Education History


This treatise fits to the author’s other broader works about female education in the 18-19th century and it offers a historiographycal synthesis about the most important directions in the studies of female education history. It gives a critical summary on the important referencies and source publications appeared in the last 100-120 years in western countries, pointing out the particularities of topic and source selection, observable in different countries and historical eras. Studies on history of women and female education history, or in broader terms the gender approach of history is a flourishing field nowadays in historiography as well, as in history of education. It has a well developed theoretical and methodological foundation, which progresses successively and transforms our knowledge on previous eras, using inter- and multidisciplinar approaches. Thousands of authors around the world try to prove with their works and researches that the study of female education and the history of women’s education is not at all neglectable, but moreover it is an elemental and complementary part in the researches of natural science and history of education. Furthermore all this is paralel with the fact that gender approach presents itself in the most different disciplines in humanities, e.g. literature, psichology, sociology, etnography, history of art, theatrology, philosophy, etc. The purpouse of this treatise is to offer a Hungarian contribution to the developement of these studies.

Keywords: female education, historiography, gender 

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