: The Impact of Ukraine’s Education Policy on Hungarian Higher Education in Transcarpathia

The minority policy and the influence of the education policy on it play a particularly important role since they are found in a specific field (Kozma, 2012). This study would like to demonstrate the Ukrainian education policy from the transition until now (1991-2018). We would like to reveal the development of the Ukrainian education policy approaching towards European Union standards, how serious the Ukrainian parliament was about putting its commitments into effect and how successful these efforts were. We tend to examine what influence the different political changes had on the minority policy of the Ukrainian state, especially on the Hungarians. We highlight the main directives and tendencies. The Ukrainian education policy is ambiguous from the perspective of minority communities: the European effect and the Ukrainian dominance are also observed. During the political and economic changes several positive objectives are implemented in the field of education policy. These include the initial steps towards the Europian Union and joining the Bologna system. The country approaches the Europian Union from the perspective of the education policy, but our results confirm the regression in the field of the rights of minority communities.

Keywords: education policy, rights of minority communities, Ukraine

Year: 2019
Issue: 2
Page: 56-71
Jul 2019
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