: Science-focused educational museum pedagogy activities for kindergarten children

A significant paradigm shift in the role of museums has occurred. The second half of the last century was the beginning of the social redefinition and expansion of the institutional network, however, the interpretation of new responsibilities, the development of the related infrastructure and the introduction of the most appropriate methodology is a long-term ongoing process. Museums have a broad scope of tasks and social responsibility, one of the most important amongst them is represented by supporting lifelong learning and implementing museum pedagogy methods in public education system. We can observe a significant difference between the number of participants in the different age groups, however, the growing number of organized activities for the youngest – the naturally creative, open and curious kindergarten children – can be considered as a favourable process in Hungary as well. The purpose of this study is to present the concept and realisation of a joint project between Karinthy Frigyes Nursery School and Museum of Electrotechnics OMM designed to improve kindergarten science education in a playful way. Hopefully, our experiences will generate notable interest among professionals committed to the process of continuous improvement and yield new connections between museums and nursery schools to refresh public education methods.

Keywords: museum pedagogy, experiential learning in early childhood education, science learning, learning skills, introduction to science

Year: 2019
Issue: 2
Page: 42-55
Jul 2019
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