: Introduction to Criminal Pedagogy

The theory and practice of criminal-pedagogy on our continent has a history of approximately 130 years, but its existence is hardly acknowledged by educational science to this day. In the present study – mainly with a systems theory approach – I intend to prove that criminal-pedagogy as a special field of education still exists today and has a practical raison d’être: it can act as a basic system organization principle in organizing the daily lives of prisons and prisoners. My findings and conclusions are based on the results of 37 years of criminal-pedagogical research, during which I conducted literature and document analysis, educational program planning, field research and documentary filmmaking in 193 penitentiary institutions, and I have been teaching criminal-pedagogy for 21 years. Based on the research results, I find it proven that not only does criminal-pedagogy exist, but its role can be significantly appreciated nowadays since many countries are looking for new procedures and solutions for the execution of prisoners in order to reduce the decline. At the same time, I consider it important to emphasize that criminal-pedagogy has never been, and still is not, a panacea, but, as an applied science it is able and willing to contribute to the development of procedures to facilitate the effective reintegration of prisoners. The study was also inspired by my intention to provide up-to-date information on the current state-of-the-art theory of criminal-pedagogy and on the theoretical possibilities of using the field of science.

Keywords: criminal-pedagogy, prisoner, punishment, constructive life management, personality map, reintegration

Year: 2021
Issue: 1
Page: 5-15
Mar 2021
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