: Imprisoned Families – Detainee’s Families about the Prison

Family is an essential part of a person’s life, and that is even more true for the inhabitants of enforcement proceedings institutes. By their imprisonment, their family relationships change and the roles inside the family alter. The prisoners’ feelings towards the family are also influenced by their captivity. Several Hungarian research studies have been conducted in connection with the role of the family in the reintegration process (Albert & Biró, 2015; Hegedűs, Farkas, Fekete, Ivaskevics, Molnár & Sipos, 2016), but the influence of the imprisonment of a family member on the others staying at home (parents, children, partner) has not been analysed thoroughly (Visontai-Szabó, 2019; Herczog, 2012) in Hungary. This paper focuses on the family members, especially the children of the imprisoned, analysing the published literature on the subject and my own research study. I talked to people whose family member was in prison, trying to find the answer to the questions how the imprisonment of a relative affected them, how important they consider to keep in touch with that person, what their experiences with the visits are, and how much the enforcement proceedings institute helped them in keeping touch.

Keywords: enforcement proceedings institute, reintegration, family, accepting visitors

Year: 2021
Issue: 1
Page: 36-46
Mar 2021
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