: Dilemmas and Possibilities in Prison Research

This present study is an overview of international articles that aim to focus on dilemmas lingering over research projects conducted in closed institutions. These are, for example, the questions of voluntariness or the us – them dichotomy. One often tends to see these ethical dilemmas or difficulties solely as obstacles in the way of the research, however they could add a great deal to it as well especially when it comes to a clear-cut elaboration of the subject matter or the definition of the researcher’s own persona, as well as mapping the underlying possibilities of the research site itself. Another very important part of the text is to explore the role of emotions in prison research. Identifying and displaying emotions can be risky when conducting a prison research. The question is: can we, should we explore a phenomenon in closed institutions without emotions? And if the answer is no, where is that boundary when the presence of emotions does not violate the condition of objectivity of the research?

Keywords: prison research, corrections, closed institutions, dilemmas in research, the role of emotions, qualitative research

Year: 2021
Issue: 1
Page: 29-35
Mar 2021
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