: Potentials and Challenges of Critical Pedagogical Projects in Prisons

Critical pedagogy is an educational philosophy based on the ideas of developing critical consciousness, raising awareness of the contradictions and inequalities in society and also facilitating action to transform these relations. Methods of learning based on dialogue and democratic partnership are central to the practice of this philosophy. The ultimate goal of critical pedagogy is to create an educational process, which is suitable to build personal growth and social change upon. To put this philosophy into practice is a serious challenge, even amongst more traditional educational settings, not to mention the prison itself, which is a strictly hierarchical total institution based on unconditional obedience. The article examines the differences between the educational philosophy behind traditional correctional education on the one hand, and critical pedagogy on the other, by referring to prison education programs based on critical pedagogical grounds implemented in the US.

Keywords: critical pedagogy, prison, correctional education, prison education

Year: 2021
Issue: 1
Page: 16-28
Mar 2021
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