: Transformation of the Stereotypical Images of Women in Secondary School History Textbooks between 1949 and 1989

The present research is part of a longitudinal comparative textbook analysis, excavating the stereotypical feminine image, feminine- and gender-specific content elements, and their structure presented by the history textbooks published in Hungary between 1949 and 1989, along a focus on textbook history, and with a background of education history. On the one hand, the objective of the research was to analyse the female dimensions of the history textbooks published in the era, and on the other hand, to identify the most important changes of the stereotypical image of women in respect of the ideological content included in the textbooks. The basis of the research-methodical conception of textbook analysis was a so-called feminine-image-dimension-model that illustrates the stereotypical woman-image of the given period based on three aspects: historical, content-wise and didactic context. The focus of the research is the historical-ideological-political dimension of the stereotypical image of women, in a form of a detailed analysis concerning historiographer traditions, deficiency of women, masculine legitimisation values of females and heroine symbols. We expect, that the research results, reflecting to the dimension of the history of women, will present, how the changes and transformations in the stereotypical image/ideal of women, affected by political-ideological standards were manifested in the history textbooks of the investigated period. This research could advance the expansion of feminine education history horizon of the era from the aspect of textbook history, as well as the inclusion of women’s history into contemporary history textbooks.

Keywords: textbook analysis, textbook as political subject, women’s history, woman-image dimensional model

Year: 2021
Issue: 1
Page: 60-70
Mar 2021
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