and : Correlations between English Language Learning and Online Reading Strategy Use of Preservice Teachers

Nowadays, foreign language learning and acquiring, and obtaining information in foreign language often take place on the online platform, which requires that language learners possess the appropriate level of foreign language reading skills and online reading strategies needed to interpret and process information available in a foreign language. The aim of our research is to map the extent to which university students use their online reading strategies to help them obtain a variety of information in the digital space, and we have also investigated the relationship between students’ use of language learning strategies and online reading strategies. Oxford’s (1990) Strategy Inventory for Language Learning (SILL) questionnaire was applied to measure the use of language learning strategies, and Anderson’s (2003) Online Survey of Reading Strategies (OSORS) questionnaire was used to examine online reading strategies. The results indicated moderate strategy use for both questionnaires. Of the language learning strategies, the use of metacognitive strategies was the most common, while of the online reading strategies, the problem-solving strategy type was the most commonly employed. We detected significant relationships among the language learning and reading strategies in every case, and our results confirmed the functionality of our multidimensional model, which presumed that language learning strategies as a whole do not have, but certain factors exert significant impact on online reading strategy use. Among language learning strategies, the effects of memory, compensatory, and cognitive strategies were the most significant, and comprehensive reading strategies played central role in the process. Our research drew attention to the importance of teaching strategy use.

Keywords: language learning strategies, online reading, questionnaire, model development

Year: 2021
Issue: 1
Page: 48-59
Mar 2021
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